Another Visual Artist Accuses The Team Behind aespa’s Performance Stage Design Of Plagiarism

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aespa’s team is being accused of plagiarism!

Despite having debuted less than a month ago, aespa has been involved in many controversies already and some of them have to do with the team managing them and their stages.

On November 26, an LA-based visual artist shared side to side comparison between a stage she has worked on and aespa’s debut stage on “Inkigayo.”

In her tweet, she wrote,

“was sent this, def see an uncomfortable level of similarities w my work namely this

I’d absolutely love to work alongside kpop artists, established or new, this really cuts deep

this also rings close with the background graphics, I would’ve loved to have helped them reach a high fidelity debut vs blatant multi-work theft

getting some uncomfortable DMs between here and ig, I will pursue this regardless. theft is theft, I don’t blame the girls but mgmt must be held accountable esp when I am not the first artist to report plagiarism.”

The particular stage design drew attention a couple of days ago for being so pretty and unusual, now it’s facing plagiarism accusations.

To her instagram, she wrote this caption in a post which features her she’s talking about,  

“Truly upset to see my work so blatantly plagiarized by SM. I’ve wanted to be hired to work with K-Pop artists so long, alas theft came first.”

And in her instagram stories, she assures fans that she doesn’t blame the girls at all, she says she wants ‘the management team and the respective team who worked on the set to be held accountable.’ She also stated that she’ll be getting in touch with SM.

Previously, another visual artist accused the group’s team of copying his work. Since then, he’s released an update on his stance, read it here.

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SM has not addressed the accusations yet.

What do you think of this controversy?

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