aespa’s Karina Makes A Surprise Appearance Alongside EXO Kai For The TUCSON Beyond DRIVE – Virtual Showcase

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On November 1, The new TUCSON Beyond DRIVE – Virtual Showcase was released via Hyundai Motors’ official YouTube channel.

It was previously announced that SM has partnered up with Hyundai Motors’ for a new kind of virtual showcase and that EXO Kai will starr as the main character in the dramatized showcase. The story is about a man who begins a fantasy adventure.

The performance featured dramatized storyline, dance performances, music and more. Kai captivated the stage with his stellar performance and dance skills. Fans were immensely proud of him. aespa’s Karina also made an appearance as the woman in the story and danced alongside Kai. The appearance was unexpected since fans weren’t aware of this. She showcased her stellar performance alongside Kai.

It marks Karina’s first appearance since she was announced as a member of SM’s upcoming girl group aespa.

You can check out the performance below:

What did you think of the performance?

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