Former MOMOLAND Member Yeonwoo Exposes A Sasaeng Disturbing Obsessive Messages

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Former MOMOLAND Member Yeonwoo is making headlines after exposing a sasaeng (overly-obsessive so-called fan) on her instagram

On October 12, Yeonwoo took to her instagram stories to share this message,

“Please don’t come near my house.”

She also exposed the sasaeng DMs to her and fans couldn’t have been more furious to read its content. The unknown man tells her,

“If you’re home, come out an hour later to the same place like last time. If you don’t come before 11 p.m. I’ll come to you.”

Yeonwoo had warned him she’d report him to police, in a later instagram live update, she told her fans that he has apologized to her and thus she deleted the posts.

Yeonwoo is currently starring in the SBS drama “Alice” and is set to join the new drama “Live On.” Fans have been mass-emailing MLD Entertainment regarding the situation hoping they’d take strict legal action enough to deter such stalkers from ever following Yeonwoo again.

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