Former Stray Kids Member Woojin Addresses The Sexual Harassment Allegations, Reveals He’s Been Getting Death Threats And Blackmail Attempts


Former Stray Kids Member Woojin had an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post opening up about the sexual harassment allegations, and what he said is getting attention.

Previously, an internet user accused Woojin of sexual assault after having met him at a bar in Seoul. Soon, other internet users shared similar alleged experiences with Woojin making his name trend on the top twitter worldwide trends.

He addressed the situation denying the accusations but it rubbed people the wrong way because of the way he worded his statement. This was followed by a statement by the newly found label 10x Entertainment who not only denied the allegations but promised to take strict legal action against the spreading of such rumors.

In Woojin’s interview, he denies the allegations once again,

“I didn’t take it seriously when the issue first came up because it’s not true at all. I knew that Twitter users often make up stories, but I was shocked that my case was spreading way faster than any of the other rumors.”

Woojin then touched on the backlash he received for his initial statement, stating he felt the claims against him were nonsense adding that he wasn’t able to address the first allegations since there was no exact mention of the time, date or place,

“I just wanted to explain the situation myself and provide updates to assure my fans.”

According to the South China Morning Post, investigations are currently underway. Fans also questioned whether the company 10x Entertainment was real or not when they released a statement, they have since provided that they’re a registered company in Korea, Woojin talked about meeting the founders of the company,

I talked a lot with the company founders. After having months of meetings, I realized they understood my vision for my future career. They had a deep understanding of the K-pop industry so I signed the contract in August of this year.

The company was founded by people who have worked in the industry for more than 10 years. The rumours [that 10x Entertainment is not a legitimate company] are not true.”

Woojin also talked about his future plans, he said,

“I’m having vocal and dance training, and I’ve been working hard on self-improvement.”

Woojin also explained that his instagram account has been locked out due to constant hacking attempts and constant reporting by what he calls ‘haters,’ he also said he’s been getting blackmailed and death threats.

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  1. He ruined his image and career and hurt people who helped him achieve what he had. I guess fame made him blind, he wanted to be in the center all the time and I could see him smirking ( ahhh so pissed off) when the others were hurt. I’m happy that he left the group and I don’t understand people who defeat him. Sexual harassment is no joke! It can ruin someone’s confident! Other than that he bullied the other members! When he got out of JYP, they said it’s due to personal reasons because they didn’t wanted to ruin his future, but after that people started claiming that they were abused. This industry ain’t joke! They will easily get over you if you have flaws!
    And I can see how much happier SKZ is now!


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