Why Isn’t TWICE New Song “I Can’t Stop Me” Doing Well On Korean Charts? The Rankings Shock Fans

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The nation’s group TWICE has finally come back with a new album “Eyes Wide Open” and the lead title track “I Can’t Stop Me.”

While fans were slightly disappointed with the MV production, many fans loved the title track and the entire album, its being praised as one of TWICE’s best albums since their debut.

However, fans reactions to the song aren’t being reflected on Korean charts. While TWICE performed well on international iTunes Charts around the world, the title track “I Can’t Stop Me” hasn’t been doing as well as expected and its possibly TWICE’s lowest performing title song on Melon in a long long time.

As of October 28, at 8 p.m. KST, “I Can’t Stop Me” ranked in the 29th place on Melon Charts. Its doing well on other charts but hasn’t generated the same buzz as their previous releases.

Fans are extremely disappointed with the results and have been discussing the reason behind why “I Can’t Stop Me” hasn’t performed as well as expected.

Opinions are divided on the reason, some believe its because of the stiff competition on Korean charts these days, groups like BLACKPINK have released their album not too long ago, Refund Sisters are also dominating the charts, and despite releasing their track a while ago, BTS is also still doing tremendously well on Melon. Competition is currently very stiff.

Other fans believe it’s because of their change in sound, TWICE has changed their concept not too long ago opting for a more mature lady-like concept unlike their well-known image with the cutesy songs, some fans believe it’s the reason why the rankings aren’t as well as expected since many are used to their older sound.  

There is also a portion of fans who believe the song isn’t as good as their previous releases, although this portion of fans is tiny.

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Why do you think “I Can’t Stop Me” isn’t doing well on charts?

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