Did Kim Sae Ron Leave “Dear.M” Due To Conflict Over Cast Credit order? Her Agency Responds


Recent reports about why Kim Sae Ron suddenly left “Dear.M” cast have been going viral.

Previously, it was announced that Kim Sae Ron suddenly left “Dear.M” after having been brought back to revive a character from the original web drama that “Dear.M” is based on. Fans were super excited to see her back but were so shocked when she suddenly left.

According to various Korean media reports, Kim Sae Ron left the production due to conflict over the cast credit, it’s been reported that the production listed her name after her two new co-stars Park Hye Soo and NCT’s Jaehyun.

The cast credits is a sensitive issue in the entertainment industry. Due to past conflicts with other projects, dramas had to list actors based on their experience rather than popularity to avoid conflict with its cast.

Kim Sae Ron started off as a child actress in 2009 and has slowly built her career for the past 11 years. Park Hye Soo made her acting debut in 2015. However, Park Hye Soo is six years older than Kim Sae Ron. On the other hand, this is Jaehyun’s first acting project ever.

On October 14, after the reports had gone viral, “Dear.M” responded to the reports stating that they’ve ‘come to a smooth agreement’ expressing their disappointment that ‘false rumors’ have spread.

On the other hand, Gold Medalist, Kim Sae Ron’s agency stated,

“Kim Sae Ron decided to withdraw after discussions with the production team. We’re unable to provide the specific reason since it’s an internal situation, but both sides communicated smoothly.”

 “Dear. M” is set to premiere in the first half of 2021.

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  1. It`s a dog eat dog world, just like in Hollywood once your fame starts to fade they replace you with someone else, If Kim Sae Ron keeps rejecting roles because she wants her name to be the main lead all the time in k-dramas then she will probably wind up working at a Mcdonalds.


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