Was TWICE “I Can’t Stop Me” MV Underwhelming? K-Netizens Disappointed With The MV Production Despite Initial Hype

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TWICE has recently made a comeback with “I Can’t Stop Me” of their newest album “Eyes Wide Open.”

If you recall, TWICE fans protested JYP working with the same production company over and over again, especially after the recent plagiarism controversy that happened in “More and More” MV. Later, it was revealed that JYP would be working with a different production company for TWICE’s comeback MV.

Fans had hoped the results would be better and more befitting of their status as the nation’s girl group but upon seeing the MV, many shared mixed responses. Some K-netizens think that the MV quality wasn’t as good as they had expected it to be, many believe the song was great but the MV was the least memorable part.

On a popular community post, k-netizens shared mixed reactions to the MV, here are some of their thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Me”:

  • Good song
  • I’m addicted to the song
  • The song reminds me of Dua Lipa’s physical, a good song
  • The outfits in the MV are nice, but it would’ve been better had they filmed the MV at a different place
  • After seeing the comeback stage, the MV felt like such a waste. I don’t know about anything else, but what’s up with the motorcycle?   
  • Why does it feel like the music videos are getting progressively worse
  • JYP always has good songs but the MVs are not so good
  • I don’t understand what the concept of the album is
  • I love the song but what’s up with the MV? I look forward to their comeback stages, but seriously, the song is so good

Meanwhile, “I Can’t Stop Me” MV surpassed 18.9 million views in the first 24 hours. The song has also been topping Korean charts Bugs and Genie but not performing as well as expected on Melon or Flo.

What did you think of TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” MV?

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