Trot Singer Kwon Do Woon Becomes The First Korean Celebrity In 20 Years To Come Out As Gay


Trot Singer Kwon Do Woon has released a statement through his agency confirming that he was gay. It was released in light of his 10th debut anniversary.

Trot Singer Kwon Do Woon says he wants to speak up as a representative of sexual minorities and wanted to open up the door in the entertainment industry for other celebrities to come out.

In an instagram post, he thanked all his fans for showing support after the news articles that were written about him in South Korea. Kwon Do Woon first appeared as a contestant on a trot competition in 2009, he won a total of 3 trophies including the grand prize.

Since then he debuted in 2010 and has been active as a trot singer. He is the first ever male celebrity to come out as gay in 20 years since the TV personality Hong Suk Chun in 2000, he’s also believed to be the first Korean trot singer to come out as well.

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