The Controversy Surrounding Park Bo Gum Promoting “Record Of Youth” While Serving The Military, Was He In The Wrong?

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It seems that even Park Bo Gum can’t escape netizens backlash!

Netizens have been discussing whether Park Bo Gum was in the right when he promoted his drama “Record Of Youth,” he’s currently serving in the military.

As previously announced, on October 27, the Republic of Korea Navy held a concert to celebrate the Navy’s 19th onboard debate, Park Bo Gum was appointed the host of the event alongside anchor Park Se Young. However, something happened during the concert and it led to backlash against Park Bo Gum so much so that one netizen even petitioned the blue house.

During the concert he was asked about enlisting in the military by his co-host, he replied,

“I’ve completed my training and am now participating in my first official event in Jeju Island. Tonight is also the night of the ‘Record of Youth’ finale. I hope viewers will tune into the drama after enjoying tonight’s concert,” he also added a comment to promote his upcoming movie with Gong Yoo.

But why did people find an issue with his comments?

According to military law, soldiers cannot participate in any profit-making jobs while serving in the military. Park Bo Gum’s comments could affect his project’s viewership ratings (positively) which could be considered that he’s making profit while serving.

One netizen even went ahead and petitioned Park Bo Gum’s comments, which the majority found absurd.

Regarding this issue, the Republic of Korea Navy stated that Park Bo Gum wasn’t in the wrong, his comments weren’t legally problematic and that he merely answered the co-host question, it was concluded that it was a happening rather than an intentional profit seeking activity.  

Park Bo Gum is currently serving as a cultural promotion soldier, he enlisted to the navy on August 31.

What do you think of this?

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  1. The netizens of Korea are a bit nuts
    Their celebrities cant have a moment of piece
    DOnt you guys have something else to do with your lives?
    Korona? Make a kiving? Studying a foreign language etc?

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