Super Junior Heechul Exposes Vicious Netizen Who Asked Him To Kill Himself…. Because He Grilled Beef?


Super Junior Heechul has exposed a netizen on Instagram stories and the content of the DMs is shocking to say the least, the reason behind this malicious netizen attack appears to be because Heechul has posted back to back photos grilling Korean beef (which is very expensive, more expensive than imported beef).

Warning: mention of suicide.

On October 24, Heechul posted a screenshot of the netizen DMs, the netizen continuously asks Heechul to kill himself,

‘why are you reposting eating Korean beef after 4 days?! Stop bragging, fuck!

Please go kill yourself….

What the fuck are you good at except your pretty face?

You never think about giving back to your fans,’

The netizen ends the malicious DM with more curse words.

Heechul wrote ‘I won’t kill myself.’

Previously, Heechul talked about fighting back against malicious comments by filing lawsuits. He shared updates about his fight against the hateful comments earlier this year.

Fans are shocked by the content of the DMs and are asking Heechul to sue this netizen as well.

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  1. Bruh what the hell is wrong w/ppl? She went in & really mad about him grilling some beef? She should just stay quiet her jealousy is really showing! If she’s that upset she should try focusing all that pent up negative energy & push onto herself 2 improve herself or her own situation, then she won’t be mad at other ppl’s statuses! Telling some1 2 go kill themselves over a post, she really made herself look like a full blown clown! Sad! You just don’t do that! She’s either very immature or has some sort of mental illness! Horrible! I’m glad he spoke up & said/did something! These ppl really need 2 who are they supposed 2 even be 2 be going at any1 like that? Damn shame! Smh!


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