Stray Kids Changbin Wows On “Show Me The Money 9” Did He Qualify For The Next Round?

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Stray Kids Changbin is off to a great start on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 9”!

Previously, through a teaser video, it was revealed that Stray Kids Changbin competed on the new season of “Show Me The Money.” Fans couldn’t wait to see how well he’d do.

On October 16, the first episode aired. Changbin humbly introduced himself as the one in charge of rap in Stray Kids. Despite some spectators who might have certain prejudice about idol rappers, Changbin proved them wrong and wowed with his rap skills. The judge JUSTHIS who was in charge of evaluating his performance showed a happy reaction and bobbed along to the rap. He gave Changbin a pass to the next round.

Changbin was happy to receive his chain. You can check out his full performance below:

What did you think of his performance?

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