SM Entertainment To Debut New Girl Group Called aespa, Here Is What We Know So Far

It has finally been confirmed!

On October 26 KST, SM Entertainment’s official Twitter account retweeted two posts from a brand-new Twitter account for something called “aespa.” At the time, fans had no idea what they were referring to and many began to speculate about the type of project SM was working on.

Later, SM confirmed that they’re preparing to debut a new girl group called “aespa.” The combination of ae refers to avatar x experience. The group name is supposed to symbolize meeting the other self as an avatar and experience a new world.

Its been rumored that the group will include members from various nationalities. Fans are super excited about the group’s debut, rumors about who’ll be part of the group are already circulating the web.

aespa will debut in November, but the exact debut date is yet to be announced. This will be SM’s first girl group in 6 years since Red Velveti n 2014 and will be their first group overall in four years since NCT in 2016.

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Are you excited about aespa’s debut?

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