Samsung And FILA China Remove All BTS-Related Content Following Backlash Over RM’s Speech At The Van Fleet Awards

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The situation regarding BTS RM speech is getting worse in China with massive brands deleting BTS-related content from their website following the backlash.

BTS is under fire by Chinese netizens over RM’s speech at the annual Van Fleet Award ceremony. His speech sparked debate and Chinese netizens argue that he was being disrespectful and hurting Chinese fans’ feelings with his speech, more on why it’s happening here.

On Weibo, the issue is currently a trending topic. Various fans have shared screenshots from Weibo about BTS-related content for brands such as Samsung China and FILA China. Fans noticed that BTS content was deleted from the two brands websites and Weibo accounts, fans estimate it’s because of the recent controversy. Samsung China particularly deleted a significant BTS-related product which they currently endorse (the Galaxy S20+).

Fans are being redirected to ‘not found’ pages when attempting to access BTS-related content on those particular brands sites and Weibo accounts, particular posts about BTS endorsement were deleted. Take a look at some of the shared screenshots below.

You can check out the full speech below:

Fans want Big Hit to address the situation and put the rumors to rest.

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