BTS Members military service topic has been brought up multiple times and a recent report has some interesting information to share about the possible course of BTS members military enlistment.

The topic of BTS military exemption was discussed over the past years but eventually, nothing came out of it, however, the topic was reignited when BTS “Dynamite” managed to make history topping Billboard Hot 100 charts breaking so many records in the process.

BTS member Jin military enlistment is up first, recently through Big Hit’ registration statement, they stated that they could delay Jin’s enlistment until the end of 2021, which is possible under the current Korean military law.

Considering that Jungkook is the youngest member of the group, if BTS members were to enlist individually when it’s time for their enlistment, it would take five years for the whole group to reunite as one again once Jin enlists first.

This is why its being suggested that all the BTS members enlistment could be delayed for 5 years so everyone can join at the same time as Jungkook (1997). The government is trying to craft a measurement that would minimize BTS’ absence without angering the public since the military exemption is frowned upon by the Korean society.

The Ministry of National Defense plans on watching how the discussion unfolds. The bill to postpone the military enlistment of BTS could be a better plan to help promote the Hallyu wave.

What do you think of the suggested bill?

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  1. Why aren’t they just shorten the time if serving for every korean man? As we in germany had mandatory military service, it were only 9 months. I think this would help every korean man with their career not only artists or sports professionals


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