Photo Of The Original Lineup Of BLACKPINK Leaked, Here Is What Happened To The Almost BLACKPINK Members


A photo of pre-debut BLACKPINK potential members was leaked and fans are discussing what happened to the idols who almost became part of the group.

Many fans are already aware that Miyeon from (G)I-DLE trained with BLACKPINK and was supposed to become a part of the group before leaving ahead of their debut, however, to some it came as a surprise that there were two members in the potential final lineup. Jinny from Secret Number, and soloist Hannah Jang were also spotted in the photo.

Jinny has debuted with the popular Secret Number earlier this year while Hannah Jang has left YG and started a solo career for herself, she debuted as a soloist in May of 2020, she was one of the most popular trainees in YG, fans looked forward to her debut at the time and were sad to learn that she departed YG.

Many fans wonder what would’ve become of BLACKPINK had they been a seven-members group. Originally, it was believed that the group name would be Pink Punk, some netizens said they would’ve loved to see how it would’ve turned out with seven members instead of four while others think BLACKPINK is perfect with four members.

What do you personally think about it?


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