One Of China’s Biggest Shipping Companies Will Stop Shipping BTS Goods, Is It Because Of The Van Fleet Award ‘Controversy’?

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Yunda Express, known as the fifth biggest logistics company in China, garnered mixed reactions after it announced its decision to suspend delivering all BTS goods.

According to Chinese site, Sina, on October 19, Yunda Express posted to Weibo (China’s biggest social media platform) the following message,

“There have been many inquiries related to the delivery of BTS items. However, we’d like to let you know that we have suspended deliveries on all BTS related items for the time being.”

While they never specified why, they added in their statement,

“They are the reasons we all know.”

This is what fans believe to likely be the controversy surrounding RM’s speech during the Van Fleet Award ceremony, his comment which reads as follows got backlash from some Chinese netizens,

“This year marks the Korean War’s 70th anniversary. We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of the countless men and women.”

Some Chinese netizens claimed he was being dismissive of China’s soldiers and their sacrifices that they made during the Korean war, when China in fact fought alongside North Korea during that time.  

Korean news outlet Newsis reports that the post was later deleted without any explanation after it began to go viral. Chinese netizens reactions to the issue remain mixed; some threatened a boycott while others applauded them for their statement. Some speculate that Yunda Express might’ve posted this message because of the current workers’ strikes. However, that doesn’t explain why they wouldn’t refer to it as such in the statement.

Various Korean news outlets are covering this story. While for the most part, it seems that the issue died down in China, it appears to have been reignited once again.

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Big Hit and BTS have remained silent on this situation and avoided giving any public comments. K-netizens are shocked to read the recent news.

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  1. “We Will Always Remember The History Of Pain That Our Two Nations Shared Together And The Sacrifices Of The Countless Men And Women.”

    If I take the sentences separately it literally is respect to everyone who fought the Korean war even the ones that supported North Korea:

    We Will Always Remember The History Of Pain And The Sacrifices Of The Countless Men And Women.

    Chinese right now need to split it up instead of just seeing a part.
    No disrespect to China and its people but you need to break it down and understand what it means instead of breaking someone’s leg for having a BTS phone case and get hospitalised for one month.

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