MOMOLAND November Comeback Single Will Feature Lyrics By PSY


MOMOLAND is coming back!

According to MOMOLAND’s agency, the girl group is set to return with a new song in November and it’ll be written by PSY. It is said that the song is a special gift for fans.

MLD Entertainment revealed that the song will be released at a time close to the group’s fourth debut anniversary (November 11). PSY shared that he feels MOMOLAND is in sync with his style and he was happy to participate in their new song,

“After hearing the song’s demo, I liked the song so much that I happily agreed to participate in writing the lyrics.”

MLD Entertainment stated with PSY’s participation in the lyrics, the song has become complete and they expect it to be a hit like ‘BBoom BBoom’ and ‘BAAM.’

Are you excited about MOMOLAND’s return?

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