Military Manpower Administration Officially States That BTS Will Not Be Exempted From Serving The Military

BTS military enlistment plan will not be affected.

Recently, discussions about BTS military enlistment and exemption were brought up after they charted at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100. A suggested bill would grant BTS the ability to serve all at once in 2025, which means they would still serve but at a later date and all at once. The bill attracted mixed responses from fans and nonfans. The reasoning behind the exemption is because of how much BTS contributed to the Kpop industry and South Korea’s economy as a whole.

But those plans appear to have been scrapped.

On October 9, the Military Manpower Administration officially announced there will be no military exemption for BTS members. Under current Korean military law, Olympic athletes and classical musicians who achieved trophies were granted military exemption; some argued that BTS member should be eligible to similar laws as well.  

Despite lawmakers and the Military Manpower Administration considering the subject of BTS military exemption, the boys themselves have stated through a previous interview that they will serve when the time comes.

Big hit has not released any comment on the matter despite the media’s interest in whether BTS should serve or not. Fans are upset that the topic is still getting brought up despite what the members have stated already.

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Jin is up first for enlistment. According to Big Hit, they can delay his enlistment until 2021 according to South Korean military laws.

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