“Lies Of Lies” Achieves Its Highest Friday Ratings To Date With 9th Episode


Channel A’s “Lies Of Lies” is doing tremendously well in ratings.

Despite many regular kdramas cancelling this week’s episodes for the Chuseok holiday, Channel A went ahead and aired “Lies Of Lies” 9th episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 9th episode of the drama scored an average viewership rating of 3.3% nationwide. Its not the highest for the drama but the highest it has achieved to date on a Friday, typically, “Lies Of Lies” Saturday episodes do way better than its Friday episodes.

SBS’s “Alice” and JTBC’s new drama “More Than Friends” will not air this week.

Are you currently watching “Lies Of Lies”? What are your thoughts on the drama?

My Personal Thoughts

I reviewed the first half of “Lies Of Lies” last week, if you’re curious you can read it from here. The 9th episode was fun and highlighted just how good of an actor Yeon Jeong Hun is; his teary eyes really got me. I am so happy the drama is doing so well. I look forward to today’s episode and to see if “Lies Of Lies” breaks a record again, judging by the cliffhanger we were left with, I believe it’ll do well today in terms of viewership ratings.

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