Kwon Mina has returned to Instagram recently, however, fans are extremely worried about her after reading her recent post.

On October 26 KST, Mina took to Instagram to share a selfie wearing a mask, she wrote,

“I cant fall asleep no matter how many sleeping pills I take. When will I ever be able to sleep comfortably without thinking about anything?

Have I ever had a sleep like that? I feel like I want to do something and that I should be doing something, but when I try… I wonder what I can do right now.

Even the people I believed in broke my trust, it makes me wonder what humans are. I can’t meet people because I get anxious afterward. Everything is still hard. I just want to sleep.

Does anyone know any psychiatrist in Dongtan or Ilsan that is good and prescribes good medicine? Please give me some recommendations.”

Fans have been sending Mina positive messages through Instagram, the fans who live in the nearby areas she mentioned are also recommending good counselors.

We hope she is okay!


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