K-Netizens Share Mixed Reactions To EXO Chen Comeback News, Why Won’t They Leave Him Alone?

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EXO Chen has recently surprised fans by announcing that he’s coming back with a single song “Hello.” It marks his first solo comeback (apart from an OST he sang recently) since his marriage news.

His upcoming single will be released on October 15. However, k-netizens have shown contrasting reactions to his comeback news. A part of the Korean fandom has been advocating for his removal from EXO and despite their attempts, SM shut them down and stated that he’s not leaving his group.

He continues to face backlash by some antis for carrying out his activities as an idol. While the majority of international fans have shown support for Chen, he’s lost a sizable fanbase in Korea over his marriage and baby news.

As you’d expect, Chen comeback news received mixed responses from k-netizens with some ‘fans’ still asking him to leave the group, some of their comments said, ‘Chen should leave already,’ ‘so brazen of him,’ ‘no one is telling him to quit being a singer, just leave EXO,’ and more.

On the other hand, other k-netizens have voiced their support after seeing his recent comeback news with comments such as ‘stay strong, chen,’ ‘we support you Chen,’ ‘SM should sue the haters,’ ‘leave him alone’ and more.

Are you happy about Chen’s comeback news?

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  1. I believe that international fans are supporting him but Korean fans made a big deal out of it! It’s his personal life and it should be separated from his career!

  2. They should just leave him alone, it’s his personal life, international fans shows more support, k-netizens are too much, they don’t deserve to be called EXO-Ls

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