JYP Will Take Legal Action To Protect GOT7 Youngjae After Meeting With The Netizen Who Spread The Bullying Rumor

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JYP Entertainment will not tolerate the recent false rumor about GOT7 Youngjae!

Previously, a disabled netizen posted to an online community claiming to have been beating up by GOT7 Youngjae, they detailed the alleged incident and even claimed Youngjae would steal their money for no reason.

However, JYP stated that according to Youngjae, the two indeed got into a quarrel and weren’t on good terms, however, the other details such as Youngjae beating up the netizen were false according to Youngjae himself. JYP stated in their official statement that they plan on pursuing the facts and will act accordingly.

On October 22, JYP Entertainment issued a follow-up statement to announce their plans to take strict legal action against the spreading of false rumors regarding GOT7 Youngjae.

In their statement, they revealed they had met with the netizen who wrote the post and the netizen claimed the same thing they had written in the post, however, the netizen couldn’t provide evidence to support their claim. Thus, JYP will take strict legal action for defamation, slander and spreading of rumors. In their closing remarks, they stated,

“This is to inform you that we plan on taking strict legal action.”

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Fans are happy that JYP is taking a strong stance to protect GOT7 Youngjae, many fans couldn’t believe the rumors that spread about him two days ago because of how kind-hearted he is.

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