Earlier today, various Korean news outlets began reporting about a netizen who accused GOT7 Youngjae of beating him up. The netizen claimed they had gone to school with him and that they had hearing impairments and were intellectually handicapped. Initially, JYP told news outlets they’re investigating the situation and they have finally returned with an official statement.

JYP Entertainment revealed that while confirming the facts, Youngjae indeed got into a quarrel with the netizen that led to a physical fight and the two were unable to reconcile afterwards staying on bad terms. However, JYP stated that the other claims made by the post were false, according to Youngjae.

JYP also added that the netizen asserted they had sent an email but JYP hadn’t received it yet or for that matter of fact any form of contact from them,

“We have contacted the author of the post to confirm the exact details and facts, but we have not received a reply yet.”

JYP also promised to take action based on the principle of verifying the facts and will prepare measures accordingly.

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