IU Personally Opens Up About Past Regrets And Her Thoughts On Taking A Break


IU had recently made an appearance on Chuseok special titled “Tree, Tree.” She visited Jeju island and was followed by cameras as she explores the nature of the island and opened up about her life, her philosophy, and whether she had ever regretted past life decisions.

In the documentary, IU opened up about the importance of taking care of one’s self and why everyone needs a break,

“I think that in order to heal properly, you have to sometimes stop everything. I feel that we sometimes need to take a break to heal from it all.

No matter how healthy you are, if you don’t stop to look back and take care of yourself, you can’t get better. Healing is stopping to rest.”

IU also got attention for talking about past mistakes and her attitude towards making mistakes in general, she revealed she’s the type who rarely regrets past mistakes and she usually goes with her gut instinct and what she feels is right.

IU said that it’s the same reason she doesn’t get caught in her past mistakes and she doesn’t dwell on them but instead learns and moves on,

“To be honest, I’ve rarely regretted my past decisions. When I say ‘this is it,’ I tend to go ahead in that direction without any regrets.”

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