[BREAKING] GOT7 Youngjae Accused Of Being A School Bully, JYP Says They’re Checking The Rumors

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GOT7 Youngjae has been accused of physically assaulting a student back in his high school days.

The rumors began to circulate when an online post popped up about an idol who physically assaulted a student during high school. The netizen who wrote the post identified themselves as the student with hearing impairments and intellectually handicapped. They claimed they had gone to school with Youngjae during his time at Mokpo Technical High School.

UPDATE: JYP Entertainment Responds To GOT7 Youngjae School Bully Rumors

The netizen claimed he was beaten by Youngjae and extorted for money for no reason.

In a response to the serious allegations, JYP Entertainment told Star News,

“We’re currently quickly trying to find out the exact facts and will announce our official position soon.”

Youngjae was born in 1996 and in 2014, debuted as part of JYP’s boy group GOT7. He is known for his vocals and is currently set to appear on an upcoming Netflix sitcom.

Youngjae is known for his kind and soft image, fans are taken aback by the news.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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