Goo Hara’s Safe Gets Stolen By Someone Who Potentially Knew Her

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Dispatch has reported that Goo Hara’s house was burglarized and by someone who potentially knew Goo Hara.

On October 12, Dispatch released the CCTV footage capturing an unidentified thief climbing over the wall of Goo Hara’s house. The news outlet reports that there appears to be either one or two trespassers who could’ve possibly known her.

Goo Hara’s acquaintance K told Dispatch that the safe had gone missing back in April and that one of the lens had been covered with a leaf showing that the culprit knew where the CCTVs were, added to that, the passwords to Goo Hara’s house was changed, in the CCTV footage, the culprit attempts to press an old password, Goo hara’s brother had changed the password a while ago.

As seen in the CCTV footage, after failing to open the front door, the thief goes back to the balcony and goes from there to the clothing room, K says that he knew where the safe was exactly and knew that Goo Hara wouldn’t locked the balcony door or the clothing room door. According to K, the thief knew their habits well enough to know where to go.

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