Gong Yoo Protects Park Bo Gum From Danger In Thrilling First Video Trailer Of “Seo Bok”

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The first ever teaser video of “Seo Bok” has been released!

“Seo Bok” is a sci-fi film about Ki Heon (played by Gong Yoo), a former intelligence agent who comes across mankind’s first human clone Seo Bok (played by Park Bo Gum), he becomes involved with the clone and the several forces who are trying to take possession of the clone.

In the teaser trailer, Ki Heon is introduced to Seo Bok after getting offered a role in a top-secret project; he is then introduced to Seo Bok himself who was made from stem cell cloning and genetic modification. One scientist shares that Seo Bok is immortal.

As Ki Heon becomes more and more involved in this project, outsider forces begin to interfere and Ki Heon starts to sense that Seo Bok is more than just a clone, he does everything in his power to protect Seo Bok.

 “Seo Bok” premieres in December. You can check out the posters here.

By Hilda Moore

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