Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Exposes A Netizen Asking Her To Kill Herself And Calling Her A Wh*Re

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Former AOA Member Kwon Mina has returned to instagram recently greeting fans with a smile in a recent selfie. It marks her return to instagram following what happened last month but it appears that not everyone is welcoming her back.

[TW Trigger Warning]

It appears that some netizens are still sending malicious DMs targeted to harass to Kwon Mina and she’s not taking it lightly.

On October 5, Kwon Mina shared screenshots of a netizen who sent her threatening harassing messages asking her to kill herself. The messages are extremely harsh and triggering. She captioned the post with, ‘shut it.’

In the messages the netizen repeatedly calls Kwon Mina a ‘wh*re’ and repeatedly asks her to kill herself,

“You’re so funny, you act pitiful. Angel ruined because of you but you sell pity like a product. You’re a wh*re, you write such a good story because people come to the rescue every time you attempt to kill yourself.”

“There were people to save you everytime you kill yourself… every pitiful person hates you.. I felt bad for you but I really hate how you create commotion so many times.”

“Go die, how did your mother give birth to such a wh*re”

“What did Seolhyun do wrong? do you need to bring people to die along with you?”

The netizen proceeds to call her ‘shameless’ and call her ugly names, the last screenshot message translates to,

“Your grandma can’t die in peace because of a grand-daughter like you..”

Kwon Mina had lost her grandma not too long ago and had opened up about how much it had affected her in past interviews and posts.

The netizen sending the messages appears to be a non-korean since the Korean written in the DMs sound strange and non-coherent. Korean netizens seem to believe that fan used Google translate to send those messages. The words used aren’t native to Koreans and aren’t the way Koreans usually speak with each other.

Fans continue to shower Mina with support asking her to not mind such terrible malicious netizens.

My Personal Thoughts

My wish for Mina is for her to log out of social media completely. I think it will help a lot. No matter how much you say and express your feelings, there will always be doubters and those who will attempt to invalidate your feelings.

When dealing with kpop fans… you can ask me… you can never win. Whatever you say can and will be used against you. It goes for anything else you express your thoughts on on social media but for kpop fans, some can be annoyingly persistent in harassing those who they deem hurt their idols.

I am not here to claim I know even 10% of what happened. Mina said her piece but we haven’t heard from the rest of the AOA members. Whatever it is, it isn’t for us to butt in. Every fan will feel differently about this and understandably so.

What I don’t understand is when someone sends such messages to Mina or for that matter of fact any idol or any other AOA member. I just fail to comprehend the reason behind it. Mina has shared she’s struggling and has previously attempted to make an extreme choice. Any logical human being wouldn’t send such messages to a person who is likely looking for people to understand her; she’s likely reading the many DMs she gets. The person who wrote this seems to be extremely aware of this fact and using this to further hit Mina where it hurts.

Just so you know, saying this to Mina will not make your idol happy, in fact, it will make them feel more miserable and I am sure that AOA member likely read your messages and is probably not feeling too happy to have one of her fans tell an ex-member to go kill herself…..

By Kevin Miller

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