Former AB6IX Leader Lim Young Min Sudden Military Enlistment Date Revealed + Agency Confirms

Former AB6IX Leader Lim Young Min is enlisting very soon!

According to various media outlets, Lim Young Min will be enlisting in early November. The news shocked netizens because he was born in 1995 and still had plenty of time before he must enlist for the military.

It is being reported that due to his DUI incident, he’s enlisting early as a way of reflecting on his past actions. He had left his group earlier this year due to this controversy.

Later, Brand New Music confirmed that he is enlisting as an active duty soldier of the Army in early November but did not disclose the time or location or date of enlistment.

The time and date of Lim Young Min’s enlistment hasn’t been specified due to the current situation with COVID-19.

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