EXO Baekhyun Snaps Back At His ‘Supposed’ Friend Who Exposed Chanyeol’s Alleged Bad Personality

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EXO Baekhyun to the rescue!

On October 29, one netizen wrote a lengthy post to Instagram ‘exposing’ Chanyeol’s alleged bad attitude and character, in their post, they mocked Chanyeol’s character and claimed they were the a friend of the alleged ex-girlfriend who alleged that Chanyeol had cheated on her with multiple women throughout their 3-year long relationship.

The ‘friend’ goes on to claim she met Chanyeol through “baek-h,” and claimed Chanyeol is getting payback for his wrongdoings. She even claimed Baekhyun didn’t like Chanyeol’s life choices.

Apparently Baekhyun was made aware of the situation and took matters to his own hands to reply to that ‘friend.’ On October 30, Baekhyun wrote this to twitter,

“No but really… who is this ‘friend of mine’? (Aha, there is a mosquito, smack) This little critter~ Ah, shake shake.”

Fans were so happy to see Baekhyun’s tweet in defending Chanyeol, his name is trending on twitter.

In related news, SM released a brief response addressing Chanyeol’s recent controversy, you can read it from here.


What are your thoughts on Baekhyun’s tweet?

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