Dispatch Warns Anyone Using Their Logo To Spread Fake Images Will Be Held Accountable After The Fake Chanyeol And Rosé Photo Spread

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Dispatch is taking action to hold fans who photoshop their logo into fake images accountable!

Previously, a netizen accused EXO Chanyeol of cheating on her with multiple women and even shared alleged photos they had with each other. The ex-girlfriend claims that he had even cheated on her with idols.

At the time the story broke, Korean news outlets began digging into Chanyeol’s dating rumors and stumbled upon a fake fan-edited photo of Rosé and Chanyeol. If you’re on twitter, then you’ve probably seen shipper accounts of the two idols who claim they’re dating or ship them together and edit photos to make them appear as if they’re dating. Some Korean news outlets used one photo to speculate whether they were dating. The photo had the Dispatch logo on it.

Not too long after that, the same news outlets had to put out a clarification that the photo was fake, photoshopped and edited. The photo had originally spread in 2018 and many international fans were already aware it was fake. Fans of Rosé were upset that she got dragged into Chanyeol’s issue like this.

SM has since issued a response regarding Chanyeol’s scandal, read it here. And Dispatch has also released a warning, in an Instagram post, they wrote in both Korean and English warning that if anyone uses their logo to spread fake photos and news, they will be held accountable and charged with liability.


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