DAY6 Jae Under Fire For Calling Fans Who Criticize J.Y Park ‘Stupid,’ Fans Divided

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DAY6 Jae recent twitch live stream has gotten him into controversy!

During a recent live stream, Jae was listening to music while communicating with fans reading their comments. He was listening to J.Y Park songs and started talking about how fans shouldn’t blame him for everything that goes wrong with their favorite groups and proceeded to call those who criticize J.Y Park ‘stupid,’ he said,

“If you guys want to blame someone then you should blame the company not JY of whatever division they are under…

It’s never one person’s fault. listen it’s not JY’s fault that the management of whatever you like treats them a certain way…JYP gets all of my respect.. I don’t care if all of you leave after hearing that but that’s my opinion on it. JYP doesn’t suck and you’re STUPID if you think that.”

Before that, he addressed one comment saying ‘JYP sucks’ and proceeded to demonstrate how J.Y Park has been topping the charts over the past 30 years taking a look at one of his recent songs, he said,

“I have nothing but respect to J.Y, he’s literally the number one… like number one song writer in Korea, like mathematically and statically, he makes the most money each year…

Guys, how does JY suck? He’s been the number one for 30+years, please tell me how he sucks, you guys are actually stupid if you think he sucks.”

Fans are split on his comments; some found an issue with the fact that he called fans who find issues with the way the JYP Ent. treats their artists ‘stupid,’ others jumped into his defense saying it’s how he usually holds his twitch streams and he was calling fans that in a sarcastic way not meaning any harm. There are other fans who brought up J.Y Park past comments and controversies into the conversation to explain why they criticize J.Y Park.

Various fandoms from other JYP Ent. groups also found an issue with his comment, several fandoms of JYP groups have already sent trucks protesting the way their artists get treated.

Check out the videos leading up to the issue below:

He also got some backlash for responding to fans who consistently asked about Stray kids.

What do you think of this controversy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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  1. I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt and say Jae wasn’t having a particularly good day when he said these things, but it’s hard to with the language he used. You have fans who are genuinely concerned for not just you, but for your fellow artists. To call them stupid for being concerned and then snapping at someone who’s concerned for Stray Kids is just wrong. If you really wanted to orchestrate your point, you could’ve at least been nice about it. This is why people can’t have civil convos with each other anymore; you can’t say one thing without being insulted. Jae, do better.

  2. A while ago, Jae posted sth on IG or Tweeted sth, I don’t remember, anyways, he said that JYP didn’t pay attention to DAY6 and some other things. Then they solved the problem (JYP and Jae) and he said that he was sorry for saying thIs things. So, he gave the fans this idea that JYP is not giving them enough attention, and fans got upset. He gave them that understanding and now he’s calling them stupid! And then, Bangchan was on vlive with YOUNG.K yesterday, and they both had so much fun and Jae answers a fan rudely like they’ve done sth wrong!
    Come to ur sense Jae!

  3. Uhm for anyone throwing hate on jae, bruh obviously you haven’t seen his streams. The ‘facts’ y’all have that proves that he’s rude are def untrue??? Face it, y’all just want to bring him down
    Obv he was tryna educate his fans bc it was JYPE that was the prob, not JYP himself.
    To add, when did saying ‘how the hell’ become rude, it told me that he’s genuinely not sure of where skz was at and was probably having a bad day.

  4. From what I know that’s just Jae being honest and straight forward as he always is, and ngl I think its kind of disrespectful when he’s reacting to Wonpil’s singing and someone brings up another artist. It’s almost like their asking “Can you react to skz instead?” when he only brings up Day6 and GOT7 in his streams and because of that he did another stream but this time he and Wonpil and playing a game.

  5. ngl i thought the way he said it was pretty rude and JYP himself AS A PERSON has done some very sh*tty things,,, and SO WHAT if he’s the nUmBeR oNe sOnG wRiTeR iN kOrEa like that doesn’t deny all the bad stuff he’s done…. like i really love Jae and DAY6 but imo he should have just ignored comments that criticised jy :/

  6. I agree with Jae about JYP not the one to blame…But the company itself
    Also I think Jae calling some fan stupid is wrong
    About the Stray Kids
    First why you ask Stary Kids at Jae streaming
    We all know jae does his streaming at home
    And he a DAY6 member
    For sure he don’t know where a Stary Kids member because he not in the company when he streaming
    Not one to be blame but we also have try to make it better than find the one to be blame

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