Chinese Embassy Officials Deny That BTS Merch Has Been Banned From China


Chinese Embassy Officials to South Korea have denied the recent rising reports on China’s ban of BTS goods delivery!

Previously, BTS was under fire by some Chinese netizens who didn’t like what RM said in his speech about the Korean War. The situation eventually died down without a statement from Big Hit. However, two days ago, one of the biggest logistics companies in China announced their decision to stop delivering BTS goods via a statement to their Weibo account.

The statement drew mixed reactions from fans; the statement was eventually taken down without any further explanation. Fans are now curious on where BTS goods stand in China and whether there is some sort of ban or not.

Official Jang Ha Sung announced on October 21 that there is no official ban imposed on BTS merch in China and stated that BTS goods are still getting delivered by Chinese companies.

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