Channel A’s Hit Drama “Lies Of Lies” Continues To Break Ratings Records

Channel A’s Hit Drama “Lies Of Lies” isn’t slowing down any time soon!

On October 10, “Lies Of Lies” episode 12 became the drama’s highest rated episode to date. According to Nielsen Korea, “Lies Of Lies” episode 12 scored average ratings of 5.8% nationwide and 6.3% in the Seoul metropolitan area marking a new personal best for the drama.

“Lies Of Lies” has become the highest rated drama in Channel A’s history and has continuously gotten better ratings with each episode. The suspense romance drama reached a new climax with its 12th episode leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Alice” enjoyed a good boost scoring average nationwide ratings of 7.2% and 8.5%. JTBC’s “More Than Friends” 4th episode scored an average nationwide rating of 1.6%, the same as its 3rd episode.

OCN’s “Missing: The Other Side” scored average nationwide rating of 3.6% for its 11th episode, it airs its final episode tonight.

Which one of these weekend dramas are you currently watching?

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