BLACKPINK international Fans have been attacking “Running Man” Jeon So Min on her instagram account and the reason will shock you.

BLACKPINK recently made an appearance on SBS “Running Man,” during the episode, Jeon So Min jokingly danced with BLACKPINK as their ‘fifth member’ during their introduction.

Later, Jeon So Min accidentally kicked Jisoo during a game. While the members happily included her in the dance, some fans didn’t think it was appropriate and some fans also didn’t like that she kicked Jisoo as well.

After the show, many BLACKPINK international Fans flooded Jeon So Min instagram account with hateful comments calling her terrible names asking her to leave the show, comments such as ‘Somin out’ can be seen repeatedly.

K-netizens took matters into their own hands and have been reporting the hateful comments and leaving positive comments on her posts.  

Many fans are worried about Jeon So Min’s mental well-being after seeing just how many hateful comments she’s received.

What are your thoughts on this?


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