B.A.P Himchan Causes Car Accident While Drunk Driving, Booked By Police For DUI

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B.A.P Himchan has been booked for driving under the influence.

Himchan is currently getting investigated by the police after causing an accident on October 26 at approximately 11:30 p.m. KST, he ran into guardrails near Hakdong Intersection in Dosan Road, Gangnam. Fortunately, there were no victims because of the accident.

Gangnam Police Station told news outlets in a statement that they have booked Himchan for violation of traffic laws. Police stated that at the time of discovering the idol, his blood alcohol level was high enough to have his driver’s license suspended.

Himchan had released a song just the day before his accident. He is currently on trial after being accused of indecent act by compulsion after allegedly sexually harassing a woman. He denied the accusation and his trial is still ongoing. The next hearing will be held this upcoming November 18.

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