Are Fans Disappointed That BLACKPINK 1st Full Album Has Only 6 New Songs?

BLACKPINK 1st Full Album “The Album” is set to drop in less than 24 hours and fans couldn’t have been more excited to hear new music from the group.

However, many fans expressed their disappointment with the track list once they saw it and it’s not for the reason you’d think, it’s about the number of songs included. It will include 6 new never-heard-before songs and 2 songs that were already released, “Ice cream” and “How You Like That.”

It took BLACKPINK four years to drop their first album which quite some time for a group their age; fans had been waiting to hear more music from the group and are disappointed that the track list wasn’t longer, their comments include,

Disappointed but not surprised

how can a full album not have 10 songs?

the list is short for a full album..

how is it a full album with only 6 new songs?

However, there are other fans who talked about ‘quality over quantity,’ and how those who feel disappointed should appreciate that BLACKPINK is finally dropping their 1st album and should be happier, their comments include,

we should appreciate their hard work

you guys know YG artists value quality over quantity

I am super excited about the album dropping, don’t care about what other say

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What about you guys? Are you disappointed with the tracklist or not?


1 thought on “Are Fans Disappointed That BLACKPINK 1st Full Album Has Only 6 New Songs?”

  1. I’m disappointed that they don’t have the name of their album, even though I am not a blink but YG should give BP’s album a name instead of “The Album”.


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