aespa’s Giselle Becomes The Female Idol With The Shortest Training Period In SM’s History


aespa is currently preparing for their debut and will become the first SM girl group to debut in six years since Red Velvet in 2014. All eyes are on aespa and their intriguing concept.

More details about the four-member group have been roaming the internet and one particular fact has attracted people’s attention. aespa’s Giselle has been making headlines for having the shortest training period among any SM female idol.

Its been reported that aespa’s Giselle had trained at an academy for two years and joined SM in December of 2019, she is set to debut with her group this upcoming November 2020, thus she trained for less than one year. She will be in charge of rapping in her group according to SM.

Meanwhile, SM recently released the group photos featuring the four members, you can check out their profile if you’re curious about the members here.

The exact debut date of aespa has been revealed yet.

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Are you excited for aespa’s debut?


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