A Chinese BTS Fan Allegedly Beaten Enough To Need Hospitalization For A Month Because They Liked BTS

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A recent report that came out from China has shocked fans.

Recently, BTS has been under fire by some Chinese netizens for RM’s speech at a recent award ceremony event, more on that here. BTS won the Van Fleet Award from the Korea Society for their contribution to the South Korea-U.S. relations. The speech divided fans and has led to what appears to be an attack on a BTS fan.

On Weibo (the biggest social media platform in china), a post about an ARMY who was beaten has gone viral. It shares a screenshot of a conversation with the fan who was assaulted.

The issue became so big that many Korean news outlets also reported on it. The fan was allegedly attacked because they had a BTS case on their phone. She was beaten and her leg broke, it is believed she’ll need to be hospitalized for a month to fully recover.

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The Netizen who uploaded the post says she will receive treatment but there hasn’t been any official confirmation of the event taking place. Despite the unfortunate situation, some C-netizens reportedly commented on the post with comments alluding to the fact that she deserved a beating because she stans BTS.

The viral screenshot:


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  1. Well I don’t find anything wrong with RM’s speech that Chinese would be insulted.
    It is wrong to beat a person just because she stans them like I mean it depends on us what we like and others have no right to beat us for what we choose, especially when there is no mistake. And that is too much, seriously breaking a leg because she likes BTS.

    Anyways I pray for her speedy recovery.

  2. That’s horrible! What is wrong with people? So now you can’t like, talk about, or Support who you personally want 2 support? To this degree? That’s not okay at all! Why don’t they talk about the part of the speech when addressing the GLOBAL COMMUNITY? Encouraging peace, unity, solidarity collectively? Collectively meaning every1 & everything involved? This isn’t right! I’m speechless! This type of behavior is not the answer, nor is it appropriate! It’s problematic! It doesn’t solve anything! If anything they’re suppressing others who don’t agree w/their own personal views/opinions! Wtf!

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