YG Entertainment Is Relocating To Its Massive Luxurious New Headquarters, Check Out The Photos

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YG Entertainment is moving away from its iconic old building to a new bigger one.

It took 8 years for the work to finish, YG Entertainment had been buying land since 2012 sequentially and construction began in 2016, it finished 4 years later. Some of the employees and equipment have already begun moving on September 16.

YG Entertainment’s new headquarters is located in the neighborhood of Hapjeong in the Mapo District of Seoul. It is located next to the previous headquarters on 3,145 square meters of land and is a nine-story building with five additional floors underground. The building’s total floor area is 19,835 square meters. The two buildings will be connected via a bridge.

The new massive headquarters will include two-story tall auditorium, seven large dance practice rooms, seven large recording studios, and 30 personal studios. The second floor is designated for the food court while the basement floors will include large-scale fitness and recreational facilities dedicated to the employees and artists.

According to a source from the agency, they plan to move to the new headquarters before the end of the year, this will include all the departments.

A new building right across the street will be used as a space for fans who’d love to visit YG, it will be turned into an exhibition space and other facilities for the fans.  

Check out the photos of the new headquarters:

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