YanAn Features In First Teaser Of PENTAGON’s October Comeback, Fans Rejoice

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Guess who’s back?

PENTAGON’s fans have been waiting to see YanAn back in PENTAGON for the longest time and it has finally happened.

He previously took a hiatus in June 2019. Fans had been demanding feedback from Cube regarding the position of YanAn in the group for the longest time. Their previous comeback didn’t include him again causing fury among the fans.

Back in December of 2019, YanAn alarmed fans by his post on his Weibo account, he claimed that he wants to return to promotions but Cube hasn’t given him an answer.

On September 17, PENTAGON released the first ever video teaser of their upcoming October comeback. YanAn featured in the teaser video. You can check it out below.

Fans rejoiced after seeing his face again, they can’t wait to see him promote with his members again.

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