Two Members Of Popular Kpop Idol Group Under Investigation For Overseas Gambling


MBC “Newsdesk” has revealed in an exclusive report that two idols from the same kpop group are currently under fire for suspicion of illegal gambling.

The group was described as one of the first that began growing immense popularity in Japan roughly ten years ago, they have even ranked high on Oricon charts several times.

The broadcast released on September 14 reveals that the two members are in their thirties and are currently under investigation for illegally gambling at a casino in the Philippines from 2016 through 2018. One of them is also reportedly participated in online gambling on illegal sites running in South Korea.

According to police investigation, the two idols claim they never travelled overseas with the purpose of gambling but happened to have gambled there by chance. One of the idol group members has reportedly tested positive for COVID-10 recently.

The investigation has expanded to other areas. Meanwhile, netizens are speculating on the identity of the idols who are accused of the illegal gambling.

You can check out the report below!


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