JYP Entertainment has become one of the few agencies to receive more than one protest truck.

Previously, GOT7 fans sent a protest truck to the building to demand a multitude of things from the agency, more on that here.

On September 15, TWICE fans revealed photos of the protest truck sent to the JYP building. Fans are asking for better treatment of the girls, in their banner, they heavily criticize JYP head office for ‘neglecting their duty.’ The truck is directed at JYP’s division 3 who are responsible for TWICE. Fans explained that they had attempted to send email to the division asking for feedback but were met with no answer hence the truck response.

Fans are also asking the agency to take stricter legal action against malicious commenters as well as the replacement of the group’s music video production team, NAIVE. There was a particular issue related to the production team who was accused of copying someone else’s work for TWICE “More and More” MV. Fans think such accusations bring bad light to TWICE who are working extremely hard, this could take a toll on their public image.

Many k-netizens have already shown their support for the fans who sent the truck to JYP.

What do you think of this?

image on the left credit goes to Respect_TWICE @twitter


  1. I think they should tell JYP what should he do to treat Twice and Got7 better…For me, as a Once, Ahgase, Stay, Midzy…I think that JYP has treat them well…no violence, no harm, comeback in October, give them salary and whats more do they want???


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