The Rose’s Request For Contract Termination Denied By The Court + Could Face More Legal Trouble For Releasing A Song

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The Rose request to terminate their contract with J & STAR Company has been denied by the courts.

The report was confirmed by J & STAR Company who announced in an official statement that the group’s request to terminate their contract was turned down by the court.

This comes after almost half a year, in February of this year, The Rose sent certification of contents requesting for the termination of their contract with J & STAR Company citing outstanding payments, damage of trust, and exclusive contract violations. This was followed by a statement from the agency stating they would take legal action, they also refuted the claims.

On August 24, The Rose surprised fans by releasing a song called “Black Rose.” This could get them into legal trouble because it counts as violation of their contract with the label, at the time of the song release, the band was still technically under J & STAR Company despite their ongoing dispute, the song was released without the agency’s involvement and the agency has requested for the song to be pulled from streaming services.

In another statement, J & STAR Company told news outlets that there is currently arbitration underway and that they’d like to resolve the matter amicably.

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