The Reason Why Jungkook Named RM His Style Hero Will Melt Your Heart


Do we need more proof about love how cute Jungkook and RM are? Or how adorable and unbreakable their bond is?

Almost all fans know this already, that RM was reason why Jungkook decided to join Big hit and ultimately debut with BTS. The two members have an unbreakable bond and Jungkook had previously, and on many occasions, expressed his admiration for RM.

In a recent interview with GQ, BTS sat down to talk about their Style Hero, each member took turn to name the one who inspires them and explain why, fans couldn’t stop talking about Jungkook’s pick.

Jungkook picked RM as his Style Hero, he explained,

“I think RM was the starting point of the life I lead today. He’s someone closest to me that I can learn a lot from. In addition to appearance and musicality, he also has a ‘sexy’ mindset.

Rather than incorporate his style, I think I have found a certain potential of my own with me while talking to RM or seeing the way he thinks, acts, speaks, or engages with music.”

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You can check out the interview below.

Are you surprised by Jungkook’s choice?


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