The Reason Why BTS V Cried At Their Recent Press Conference


This heartwarming moment between BTS V and J-Hope is getting attention.

On September 2, BTS members attended an online press conference to share their thoughts on topping Billboard Hot 100 with “Dynamite.”

Towards half the press conference, J-Hope said something that made V cry in the background, he was talking about what type of message he’d like to say to himself or his fellow members from 7 years ago. J-Hope talked about how he’d tell his younger self,

“Your efforts did not betray you; your efforts bore fruit,”

He also talked about what he thinks of his fellow members and how thankful he feels for them,

“I’m really thankful to my fellow members. Even if I repeatedly tell them ‘Thank you’ a thousand times, it wouldn’t be enough.

I wanted to say thank you to all the members for being with me for 7 years… I want to take this opportunity to say I love you to all the members.”

In the background, fans could see that V’s face changed and he tilted his head down a bit and cried. He kept his head down for a while when the other members answered questions.

He later talked about it and explained that he cried hearing what J-Hope said,

“Honestly, a while ago when Hoseok hyung was speaking, honestly, I was so touched. I cried a bit.

It really surprised me, today is a day when I should be happy, right? Why did I cry..”

He then moved on to answer the question he was asked.

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You can check out the press conference below, the moment when J-Hope said he loved the members is at 30 minute mark and when V addressed it is at the 44 minute mark.

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