SuperM Lucas Receives Death Threats For Saying Baekhyun Is ‘As Heavy As A Pig’ On A Recent Broadcast

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SuperM/NCT/WayV Lucas is under fire for his recent comments online to his fellow SuperM member Baekhyun, and fans are split.

A couple of days ago, SuperM released a new video to their official YouTube account; the members participated in a test to figure out who knows Baekhyun and Mark the most. They answered basic questions about the members and wrote them down on a paper.

One of the questions was ‘what is Baekhyun’s weight?’ to that Lucas jokingly added, ‘as heavy as a pig.’ Baekhyun laughed and asked ‘who said that?’ While Baekhyun seemed to be okay with it and the rest of the video went on as usual, some fans didn’t like what Lucas said and proceeded to bash him for his comment towards Baekhyun.

The reason is, Baekhyun is known for being conscious about his weight, many of his fans didn’t like the way Lucas said that even if he was joking around, especially considering the fact that Baekhyun is Lucas’s senior in the industry. On the other hand, other fans believe those were exaggerating a conversation between Lucas and Baekyun and that Lucas was simply joking around not meaning anything malicious by saying that.

Things got out of hand when some fans began sending death threats to Lucas on instagram, he also received many hateful negative comments asking him to either die or leave the group and apologize to Baekhyun.

Some fans believe that Lucas might’ve not properly said the right thing because of cultural barrier. He is not Korean and might not be familiar with the different culture. Instead of bashing him, fans believe he should be educated on why what he said was wrong.

SuperM is set to be drop their first full-length album, ‘Super One’ on September 25.

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