Singer Jang Jae In Opens Up About Being A Victim Of Sexual Assault

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Jang Jae In has revealed that she is a sexual assault survivor through instagram posts earlier today.

On September 22, Jang Jae In shared her personal experience with trauma and talked about taking therapy to cope with what happened to her 11 years ago.

TW/discussion of sexual assault

She stated,

“It took me 11 long years to bring this up.”

She started off by talking about her upcoming album that she started working on after that incident. She wrote,

“After a year later, I received a call from the police telling me that they’ve caught the perpetrator. The person who did this to me turned out to be a man around my age.”

Jang Jae In said that the man who did this to her turned out to be a victim of bullying, a group of people had told him they’d stop attacking him if he attacked her,  

“One winter day, I was passing by and they saw me. Apparently, they promised him that if he did it to me, they wouldn’t bother him.

This was hard to hear that if he is a victim, then what the hell am I? What about what I’ve gone through? The thought of it was heartbreaking.”

Jang Jae In says she’s able to separate things now she’s grown up but would’ve loved if people told her it wasn’t her fault,

“I think that it would’ve been great if someone had told me it wasn’t my fault that it had happened.”

Jang Jae In also talked about struggling from extreme anxiety, seizures, shortness of breath, insomnia, and anorexia. She said that with the help of therapy, she was able to improve; she added that she’s celebrating the end of recording such an old album today and would like to share her stories so other victims wouldn’t feel alone.

Later, she took to her Instagram stories to share an update, she talked about being afraid of sharing her story but is happy reading the comments she received,

“My heart feels anxious, but I am calming myself down looking at the comments you’ve been writing me. I am just really thankful.”

Jang Jae In also assured worried fans that she’s doing well after opening up about her struggles.

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