SHINee‘s Taemin Publicly Express Frustration With SM And Says His ‘Plans Have Collapsed,’ Here Is Why

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SM staff have made a mistake on braodcast and SHINee’s Taemin talked about it.

SHINee’s Taemin is set to drop his highly anticipated song “CRIMINAL” as part of his upcoming full album on September 7; however, it appears that his plans were ruined because of SM staff mistake.

During the first episode of his reality show, “Rare Taem,” a snippet of his song played in the background, and it appears that it happened without a prior notice.

On ‘Dear.U Bubble’platform, Taemin wrote this to fans,

“I don’t know why ‘criminal’ song was released on ‘Rare Taem,’ but… its not a bright song…

Why was it used like this? My plans have fallen apart. I am so upset. It’s the kind of song that shouldn’t have given the first impression this way. It’s really so depressing, really.”

Since his reality show has an upbeat atmosphere and revolves around him playing games and completing missions, it could be that Taemin felt it was unfitting for the song to have been shared like this on the show. Fans have been mass-emailing SM asking them to take down the video and reupload the content without the snippet; fans have also encouraged each other to not share the said video footage on social media.

Taemin is known for his commitment to his art; he talked about working extremely hard on his full length upcoming album multiple times to fans recently. Fans are also upset to see Taemin write this. SM has not taken down the video yet.

It is unknown if SM will address the situation, but if they do, we’ll keep you posted.

You can check out the teaser of “CRIMINAL” below!

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