Super Junior Ryeowook Apologizes Over And Over Again In Letter To Fans Following The Dating News

Super Junior Ryeowook has issued an apology regarding his recently revealed dating news.

Ryeowook is dating Former Tahiti Member Ari. Various photos of the couple have spread online and Ryeowook has posted a letter to ELF on LYSN to explain his position and to apologize for the dating news.

Ryeowook says he worried about how to start this letter while thinking about ELF who must’ve ‘felt hurt by the news.’ He announced,

“First of all, I feel so sorry to announce that there is a friend that I am seeing in this way.

Thinking about it, I think fans have provided me with so much comfort and support and consideration for me to see that friend. I should have been more considerate to ELF, and I’m reflecting on that. I think my lack of consideration has caused more confusion.

The friend that was being talked about, I am dating her.”

Ryeowook also attempted to explain some of the misunderstandings that have been circulating the web about a café he wanted to open and about a photo he posted with a bouquet of flowers, it’s being argued that fans assumed that he’s opening the café for his girlfriend, he said,

“Both Super Junior and ELF are precious to me; it’s unfortunate that such false rumors are spreading around.

I have hurt ELF a lot. The names and expressions I made on Bubble were sincere, and there wasn’t a single thing about them that was insincere. In the recent selfie about the flowers that I uploaded, it was given to me by my staff member who came to the concert.

… I started the café for my parents who have been resting to work on. What you’re all thinking about will never happen, I don’t want to use the name Ryeowook or Super Junior for such things.

I didn’t know much about the field so I asked for help from a friend. I am sorry for hurting you with my rash thoughts.

My actions hurt ELF who have given me their love and trust even though I didn’t deserve it. I feel so sorry.

I am also very sorry to my members who must have been very surprised. I will think carefully before acting from now on.

I will become Ryeowook who repays you back for the love and support you’ve given me with a greater sense of responsibility; I will do my best not to damage Super Junior’s activities, which are my top priority. Thank you for trusting in me until now.”

Fans are upset that he has to apologize for simply dating someone.

What do you think of his apology?

4 thoughts on “Super Junior Ryeowook Apologizes Over And Over Again In Letter To Fans Following The Dating News”

  1. Hate that he has to apologize again and again, but I’m so happy to know he’s dating. I’m just thinking of the time when all the super junior agreed to Ryeowook marrying in three years since he lost the bet .

  2. Estar molesta es poco! otro idol que debe pedir disculpas!? por enamorarse y salir con alguien… noooo, no tiene que pedir disculpas a nadie!! Como fan estoy feliz por él, que haya encontrado novia y que de un día la noticia de casamiento… uuiiii saltare de alegría!!


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